WINNER: Relaxing Music Contest

Congratulations Riku Sorvari @RSM! :slight_smile:
Your composition was voted the winner of the relaxing music contest in this community.

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Winning Music Composition:

PS. I will PM you regarding your prizes.


Worthy winner. I will save this song to my playlist :+1:


Really beautiful track and so much other great tracks as well,really enjoyed listening (though I need to catch up with a few still!)
Riku, I have sent you a PM to collect your price at the Triple Spiral Audio site and congratulations!


Congratulations for your great relaxing music.


Great tune!


congrats riku @RSM

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Hearty congratulations


Oh boy!

Sorry, wall of text incoming…

First and foremost, Thanks for all the participants who submit entries into the competition.
It was pleasure to listen all of them, but really really tricky to decide the TOP3.

I knew that I managed pull of pretty decent song but to win the contest…
Thank you for the support!

I’ve already discussed some aspects about the song in the submit thread but I believe I could open up it a bit more.

As said before, my approach to relaxing music is something that doesn’t disturb the listener, it flows easily and should calm ones mind. Subjective thing but this was my starting point, at least.

I think it was early spring here in Finland when I started to think about the piece. The vision that I had was pretty much those calm and sunny spring/summer days, misty mornings, sitting on summer cabins pier without any rush. Well, the pictures in the video pretty much sums up my vision. Working name for the song was “Kevään hetkiä” aka. “Moments of Spring”.

The song itself is in 4/4 flowing through 72BPM and in key of Bm.
(Still not sure about the key as music theory is still not my strongest asset)

Structural wise it’s pretty much 8 bar sections from start to finish. Safe and steady.
As I’m really into simple and catchy lead melodies, I wanted most of the sections to have some kind of unique but similar feel of lead melody. I also invested a lot of time into instrument dynamics which was a pretty new thing for me. It’s definitely something I will do in the future too.

Instruments used:

Strings: Jaeger
Strings in general could be improved the most. I just didn’t get the sound out of my libraries that I was looking for. I would’ve wanted some really soft and warm sound but they still ended up pretty crispy and maybe even piercing. EQ didn’t help much and I also tested MA2 strings but the result was even worse for my surprise. Definitely something to work on in the future.

Solo Violin: Joshua Bell Essential
Brass: Metropolis Ark 2 (Fluegelhorns and Euphoniums)
Woodwinds: Project SAM orchestral essentials
Really feel like that I could use more versatile library here. Probably something to look up next.

Crystal Flute: Embertone
Harp: MA2
Piano: The Giant
Moonguitar: Spitfire (Freebie)
Real Guitar: Guitar -> audio interface -> Archetype Plini
Pretty much used one of the factory presets, just some messing with built in eq and reverb pedal.
This is definitely one of the most versatile plugins in the market. Really easy to shape for almost any kind of tone.

As a DAW, I use Reaper. As far as I’ve understood, all the major DAWs in the market are pretty much on the same level. Seems like it’s just a personal preference which one to use. My preference when I started with these modern DAWs 2,5 years back was purely a price point.

If you have anything more you would like to know about the song, just toss your question(s) below.

My music can be found on Youtube:

If you wanna show your support, just press the subscribe button.

Last but not least, I want give shoutout to:
Mike for arranging these contests and keeping the community up and running.
Triple Spiral Audio for providing some special treats for the contests.



Congratulations! Well done!


Congrats! I voted for this it was gorgeous!

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Congratulations. Beautiful song.

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Congrats on well deserved win!

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Subscribed my friend.

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