Winner of Contest get courses

FIrst of all I want to make it clear that this is not a complaint on my part… it’s just something that I’ve always tought :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen a LOT of contests were the winner gets courses as a prize.

Composition contest on this website… the winner gets some composition courses.

I’ve also seen video game development contests were the winner would get a game development course.

I’ve always tought tho… wouldn’t it make more sense for the LOSER to get the course? xD

I mean… if someone manages to actually win a contest that means he’s probably already pretty good at it… wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t that course be WAY more useful to the loser cause he/she would really need it to improve? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda never got the reasoning behind this xD


Well, that’s a good point… :smiley:

Not to defend it or anything, but I suppose it sort of aligns with the inherent “unfairness” of nature, and perhaps to even greater extent, the way humans tend to build societies: Those who are doing well are awarded with privilege, which allows them to do even better.


Funny point. It never occurred to me. Perhaps if @Mikael continues to do these contests, maybe the winner could get one of his new sound design libraries he’s working on?

Either way, the most important thing to me doing these contests is see how fast I can write a piece and how it matches up with what others have written, and what advice others can give me. As a composer, I find that more valuable than anything because ultimately I want to be a great composer.


Interesting point, however to be honest I find the “contest” and “prize” part should not be the focus. The main point I do these monthly contests is to be “challenges” to motivate and boost your productivity for getting new music done…and for a specific theme and style! :slight_smile:


You definitely gave me some good ideas! Now I have to choose which direction to go in :smiley:


Yeah guys I agree with the part about the contest not beeing about the prize itself but about challenging yourself, trying, improving, etc etc… The prize is just a secondary point :wink: