Winner - Ben Beard

Congratulations @BenBeard! :slight_smile:
Your composition was voted the winner of the December music composer contest in this community. I will PM you regarding your prize.

The Winning Composition

PS. Please tell us your creative vision for this track, what main instruments/sounds you used. And do take the opportunity to promote your channels (Website, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.)


Wow, really surprised and humbled I won :slight_smile: thanks so much for voting for me everyone, was some great tunes this month, especially considering how busy Xmas is.

The creative outline of the track was to show different moments in the ‘scene’ so starting with the build up of the fight to a small section to show maybe the love interest or innocent people that they were fighting to protect, followed by perhaps hero dying and the resultant carnage, something along those lines :slight_smile:

Plugins used were spitfire studio, albion one, forzo, Eric Whitacre choir and Abbey wind solo vocal. Doubled up the strings from albion with studio.

Creative vision was something along the lines of LOTR style.

My links

Fb is @benbeardmusic
YouTube is Ben beard
Still working on personal website

Many many thanks again for voting for me :slight_smile: learnt a lot from listening to everyone’s tracks and constantly learning so this is a real confidence boost I’m working in the right direction.


Congratulation to the winner and congratulation to all composer there is a lot of great composition for this contest, great.


Well Done Ben, great composition! really enjoyed the Choir, been meaning to grab a decent choir library myself. what did you use?

thanks Geoffrey

I used Abbey Wind ( solo part) and Eric Whitacre choir :slight_smile: Also Oceania for the short phrases ( really good choir to get !)

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Been looking at Oceana. Will look into it. Love performance samples tbf!

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Congrats for the win ! i have been also composing a track for the contest but didn’t have the chance to finish it at time for submission, cause get busy with some personal stuffs ^^ ! but yeah i continue the composition, it’s almost done! so i will finish it and try to make something beautiful for the contest of this month ^^ ! about my battle track it’s something made mainly with oceania choir and cerberus percussion ^^ ! i tried to make something very epic ^^ ! oceania is an amazing choir library ! i surprised myself using it a lot in my recent tracks ^^ ! before i was using strezov choir ! ^^