Why I’ve chose to do youtube - what I feel I can bring

Hey everyone.

I thought I’d do a short video on why I want to do YouTube, what I feel I can bring and how I’m going to do it. It’s only short so I’ve put it on my social media platforms. Here is a video explaining everything I have planned.

If you’d like to follow me on my social media and become part of my community I’ll also include the links to my pages for you. Really excited to see some of you on the other side. I post often and want to make it even more frequent.






Looking forward to what you’ll bring us! Maybe try Patreon as well. One of your perks could be reviewing a patron’s score for five minuets or so. That’d be cool!

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Great idea Matt. I have a few plans for patreon.

My first patreon will offer all stems from one track per month… both midi and audio stems for you to download and play with in your own DAW. This I think will help those composers who really want to push forward fast as they’ll be able to see and hear the arrangement and then try to replicate it yourself. This way they will know what it’s suppose to sound like as they have the reference tracks which are dissected. This will be the first thing I’ll offer.

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That’d be excellent. My main interest is kind of the big fantasy adventure stuff like in the SoulCalibur games by Junici Nakatsuru. I like writing all kinds of stuff, but that’s my love and yet it’s the only style I can’t write well–and it’s really hard to find any scores with that style to look over, so that’d be a great idea for everyone, or well patrons, to see exactly how you put together your stuff. Definitely looking forward to it!

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I’ll definitely do that style at some point as I love it! :smiley: I’m hoping to do 1 series like this every month and a half. This gives me 4 episodes of a “how to compose” and two weeks of tips. I’m hoping this gives enough time to go into the “why” of every step I take too, which I feel is missing from most youtube composition channels.

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Sounds great. Sorry if I put you on the spot. I meant that it’s hard to score study more modern stuff like from SoulCalibur other than some of the big film composers but if you write that style as well, well all the more reason for me to check it out!!

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You didn’t put me on the spot at all. There’s plenty of time to explore many genres, which I’m excited to do! Plus, I’ll need as many prompts from people like yourself so I don’t forget :wink:

Eventually I’ll also need to start to look at affiliates. So I’d love to hear what things you would all like to save pennies on, as I don’t just want to join affiliates that I just believe in, but will help you all too!