Which is the difference between copyright and licensing services?

I’m very new in this topic and I want to start to upload my music, which steps referred to the copyright and licensing should I take care? can I copyright my music on services like [https://www.protectmywork.com/] and still put it on licensing services like audionetwork or audiosocket? or royalty free services like Epidemic sound, pound 5, or audiojungle?

thanks for reading :slight_smile: I hope the answers can help anybody with this kind of struggles, and like me doesn`t know what to do

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In my limited understanding, the copyright is legally yours from the moment you record anything. The ‘copyright protection’ is just to prove that it is.
You should be able to copyright-protect any song and still place it on any RF library or licensing service because they won’t claim that they composed the track. You then make your rights-sharing agreements with the company.

But I’m no expert. I’ll follow this thread too. Be interested as a start-up composer for some good advice.