Where Inspiration Leads -- Trombone Choir

Dear Folks;

Sorry I haven’t written lately! Hope you enjoy this postcard from the edge!


Instrumental, Trombone / Low Brass Choir

Creative Vision for the Track:
The beginning and ending of the piece has to do with a creative person’s enemy; working on a deadline. I’ve spent many a long evening hearing the clock tick louder than the musical ideas in my ear. The timpani is the ticking clock and the dense chordal voicing in piano and the trombones are the anxiety.

Once the idea presents itself the “Inspiration” portion has as much to do with taking the same theme and turning it over and over with minor variations as the “inspiration” dictated. The piece turns peaceful as I’m now in my element; the flow of the writing process.

Once the piece is finished there is little time for celebration. Another deadline looms. A mobius timeline to be sure.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
Cluster voicings in both closed and open positions. Many canonic devices used to represent an idea bouncing around in my head. I used a more triumphal voicing combined with slight melodic enhancements toward the end of the development to symbolize my perseverance over the deadline.

Main Instruments used:
All virtual instruments. BBCSO, Ark 2, Cinebrass are the primary libraries.

“Where Inspiration Leads” – Stan Bann