When the battle is over(cinematic music)

Description: A composition going from sorrow after battle turning to hope of rebuilding again

My Creative vision: It´s about when people standing at the battlefield after the battle than going to rebuild there homes that was destroyed and the begin to feel hope again.

Composition overview: Starting sad in A minor. Goes to more happy C major. 4/4. Tempo 125

Cinematic studio strings
Cinematic studio solo strings
Cinematic studio brass
Hollywood woodwinds flute
Rhapsody orchestral percussion
Action strikes
The Giant

My first posted track ever heard by anyone but my dogs. Don´t know if i posted it the right way.


A great choice for the close of the Epic Battle Music contest. :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed that! Very well mixed and cone strings always deliver. Fab!

Thank you who taken the time to listen.:smile:


good orchestration where string are dominant, perhaps you can add more woodwind to change the color when you go to major scale, like the clarinet or oboe or english horn, its can bring a great color and you can also add harp doubling the piano or make some arpeggio
great composition, there is a lot of emotion inside

Thank you so much for feedback. I will experiment with your suggestions.

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Loved the clarity on the track.

One thing that came to my mind as listener: Around 0:55 there’s a high string melody, I assume that it could be the main melody. I would’ve liked it to be little more present, maybe a doubled with another instrument? Anyway, that’s just my preference.

Overall, really solid composition for the first release. Liked it.

Thanks for feedback really appreciated. Others say the same thing and I will work on it. Seeing forward to hear work from all of you. Maybe in the February contest:slightly_smiling_face: