When Recording what are best audio file formats

Hi Everyone,
When recording audio what are the best audio file formats to use that don’t add artifacts or unnecessary noise
to begin with?

well i would say a file format without compression will be the best, the rest is the resolution and sample frequencies but high frequencies and high resolution is the best like 24bit 96khz

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You will always get noise even if you record with million dollar equipment, microphones add some noise, pre-amps add some noice etc. There is no way getting away from it completely.

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That is why I got RX Elements not the full version but a lot better then without it I hope

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From what I see I believe I can record directly into RX 7 Elements
I can export it out of 24bit
I do not see where I can Record in 48hz or 96hz anywhere using the Stand Alone Mode

i found that link but not shure for rx7 element

Thanks, Florent I very much appreciate You help :grinning:
but unfortunately:slightly_frowning_face: it is for only RX Standard and Advances

Florent what do You use to clean Your audio?

i use soundforge is a stand alone application that is very great to manipulate sound it has great tools inside and easy to use

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Mikael said it best there will always be noise … since analog and digital processing have advanced …its harder to build a room that is quieter then the noise floor of your gear!

Years ago when the debate about clock frequency came into play 44.1k, 48k, 96k … there was an article about recording at 96k then down converting to 48k or 44.1k as there was a 6db improvement in the noise floor … after the conversion process. I’ll point out you needed measurement tools for this and I question if it could actually be heard…


Choose any format you want. If the recorded audio file doesn’t play on your device, you just use a video editor like Joyoshare Media Cutter to convert it to compatible audio format without quality loss. It can also help you to remove noise from your audio file. By the way, it allows using for free 5 times without limited features.