What Software Instruments can use MPE?

If you don’t know what MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is, basically it is what the ROLI Seaboard and similar controllers use. Meaning you can have independent expression per note in a polyphonic performance.

So my question is, do you know which software instruments on the market today fully support MIDI Polyphonic Expression? :slight_smile:

There’s a pretty extensive list here:


I got a ROLI recently and I’ve been using it with S+A Auras, Sektor and Equator, apparently it will also work in Omnisphere in a ;limited capacity but I’ve not set it up yet. Serum now has full MPE support as well. I wish more libraries would include it, I love play my Seaboard.

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That’s a nice list, I still wait for this to be implemented by orchestral sample libraries. I guess it might come to acoustic modeling first since I assume it will be very hard to make it work in sample library format.

How are you liking your ROLI so far, did you get the smallest one “Blocks”?

I’m really enjoying the ROLI, I did indeed go for the ‘blocks’ version. It definitely takes some getting used to from a normal piano style keybed. The gestures feel very natural though like wiggling your fingers for vibrato.

I’m thinking of either upgrading or getting another block and snapping it to my current one for a bit more range.

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