What score(s) made you want to become a composer? And why?

For me its

Armageddon - Original Motion Picture Score von Trevor Rabin
“Top Gun” Score by Harold Faltermeyer

“Das Boot” from Klaus Doldinger (what is my all time favorite movie btw.)

I forgot to mention the “why”: to underlay my holiday pictures with music. I have no other ambitions than this. I love this amazing feeling, when watching pictures from mountains or the see with epic and upliftig music. I also want(ed) to score my marriage video if i will find some time in the future.

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Will check out this movie , “Das Boot” from Klaus Doldinger . Thanks.

For me, I fell in love with most anything from Basil Polidouris after the first Conan movie… Say what you will about the film, the music was so heart-thumping, atmosphere building and at times, very beautiful.

Outside of movies, and more recently, Jack Wall nailed it with the scores from Mass Effect 1 & 2 video games… such an atmosphere he created for a fantastic sci-fi saga, full of character, and when needed, he provided many goosebumps to many gamers - Particularly with “Suicide Mission”.


No score made me want to become a composer, I just bumped into a tracker software when I was in my teens and dabbled with it, but there are some scores and composers that have inspired me to try a specific genre, for example:

Drive’s soundtrack got me into synthwave,

Harry Gregson-Williams, Jeremy Soule’s, Andreas Waldetoft and Tuomas Kantelinen got me into medieval/fantasy music (kingdom of heaven, skyrim, crusader kings, arn-series osts)

and Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, John Williams and Jukka Linkola got me into fairytale and adventure music with their soundtracks from Edward Scissorhands, Back to the Futures and so on.

Western music, Morricone, Micalizzi and Pregadio