What Little-Known Composer or Soundtrack do You Love?

Hi all,
Curious to hear about a particular composer or soundtrack that isn’t well-known, seemingly like no one else knows about, but there is just something about the music that you really love.

For me, there are three soundtracks that I randomly bought at a convention years ago that I now cherish because the music always make me feel happy for what ever reason;

  1. Bakuretsu Tenshi aka Burst Angel, which is an older anime that has a cool instrumental rock style soundtrack, like a modern Ventures surf-rock.

  2. Shakugan no Shana. Another older anime with a both dark and lighter, but cheesy orchestral soundtrack. There’s also some fun, light-hearted Celtic style music.

  3. Alice Order. A little know video game with some simple but fun Sci-fi cinematic orchestral music.

I have found a composer on YouTube who writes epic music and is not very well known. His name is Peter Roe. His from Finland. He has many great songs but the first I heard was Selene. Lovely composition.
Here is a link if that’s OK to share.

There are of course many out there.


That’s a really cool track Fredrik. I may have to check out more of his work. Thanks!

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