What do you use for Mood Lighting in Your Studio?

Right now I only have a cheap led strip from Amazon mounted below the shelf on my desk that holds my computer screens.

I am interesting in styling my studio further with colored lighting and would like to hear suggestions of what you use. :slight_smile:


I recently updated the lighting setup in my studio, and here’s what i currently have:


Looks amazing Medhat, but why aquarium lights?

I have been thinking of Philips Hue lights to put into my spotlight ramp in the ceiling. That way I could angle them differently as I wish and so on.

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The Aquarium light in a tube mounted on two suction cups. This allows me to easily change the angle to optimize the lighting covering by simply twisting the tube.

It’s also WAY cheaper than the Philips Hue but limited with the colors that come with the remote…

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I have Philips hue as mood lighting in my living room and love the quality of them. These tubes are interesting though as extra spice on my studio :wink:

well actually i have a single neon to light up my studio, i intend to install new illumination to bring different color because the white color is quite agressive, i want something softer and zen

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Colors and light makes a huge difference on ambience and atmosphere, which affects my creativity. :slight_smile:

I’m currently sporting the shine in my eyes reflected off my screen Mikael :wink: one day I’ll get around to making it moody in my studio… but until then I’m quite happy with a little lamp on the side book case :smile:

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I just like the feeling of making the studio feel magical, as opposed to an ordinary room. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beautiful studio and vibe! What is that mixer controller in the middle there under the two screens?

Thank you! it’s an M-Audio Project Mix I/O