What did you get for Christmas 2019?

I know we composers/producers need to treat ourselves with some nice holiday gifts to ourselves, am I right?! :wink:

So what plugins, libraries, hardware or gear upgrades did you get? :slight_smile:

I went with hardware this time:

  • 2 Elgato Key Lights to up my video production game
  • Philips Hue for Studio Mood Lighting
  • 2 External SSD-drives to give room for more sample libraries

This was a good Christmas

Hard drive
Cinematic studio brass
Rhapsody orchestral percussion
Eastwest Hollywood orchestra

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Nice! :slight_smile:
Did you get the cloud-subscription on EW, or standalone version?

I will probably get Cinematic Studio Brass soon. I love Forzo, but they have no legato. Great for epic stuff and rhythmic writing, but not for solo lines.

I have the subscription but got the orchestra because I’m gonna stop the subscription while I don’t use enough of the libraries. And I always prefer to own things. It think I’m gonna start the subscription for some projects though.

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Yeah, I’m the same. Don’t like subscriptions, especially on software.

spent a lot of time with my familly that is the best gift for me

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