What did you buy? (Black Friday)

I bought a sleeping pillow! ha ha :slight_smile:
Need it for my neck problems, unfortunately.

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Most of my purchases are ongoing and for non-orchestral music.

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier
Universal Audio Arrow Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface,Gray

The latter is the lowest price I’ve ever seen this device offered. If u record any type of home studio vocals you should grab it.

Still waiting the following items to go on sale:

Yamaha HS5 monitors
Last generation of intel macs
Ashton or Lewitt mics
Various plugins


I will upgrade my audio interface next year, most important for me is multiple outputs so that I can send the stereo out both to my monitors and a live streaming hardware unit at the same time. I found one potential candidate, but still not sure about USB-C, since Thunderbolt seems more stable and lower latency. But they claim extremely low latency so…

This is the one I am considering:


Well, it’s still USB2.0, which “shouldn’t” be capable of low latency audio, as it requires a full roundtrip for each packet transferred. RME somehow manages to work around this limitation to some extent, but I don’t know if anyone else has managed to do something similar. And, RME uses USB3 and/or TB for their higher end interfaces anyway, which might be a hint…

Either way, Focusrite makes great hardware at affordable prices, but I haven’t had a great experience with their drivers on Windows, and they seem to abandon older generations as they progress, so they got removed from my candidate list. No idea what the state of all this is on OS X. As always, one has to refer to specific tests and benchmarks to know for sure.


Oh man, I forgot about that. Since OS X now becomes effectively OS 11 with the Apple Silicon (ARM) focus, I would really need to think twice about what developer to trust regarding both hardware and software. Driver updates are crucial.


I gave myself two cool VSTs.
The first one - was ARKHIS. Part of the NI pack,
but as I have only 12, I did not spend all my money on Komplete 13,
just ARKHIS, because I fell in love with it.

And then Realidrums. I will purchase it today.
Really cool Drums with cool possibilities to work with.
Both were around 99 Euros. So I could not resist.

Lets hope it will be as super as they seem to be.

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I bought BBCO core … the Spitfireaudio tombola didn’t bring me lucky!!
Than I needed the Reference 4 headphone of Sonarworks because I often use headphone and I want to be a flat response.

Next shopping I’ll hope to take the Amplesound Gibson SG 61 Vintage … I saw the Mikael video and some other review and I like that sound for a virtual guitar!!!
I don’t know if the price go down more a little bit… I hope :grin:

I still have the 1st gen, and it’s great, especially because you can plug-in multiple sources to listen back…3 speakers :loud_sound: and 2x headphones :headphones: no issues at all. However, I would still consider to upgrade to Apollo or similar. Doesn’t need to be a rack module, but in addition to let’s say Apollo Twin something like Presonus Monitor Device.

Recording is okay. It’s possible to listen to the record-mix before the DAW, so if recording instruments or vocals, it’s easy to set up, as you can just mute the DAW channel.

I had some issues with clocking or something. Could figure out. Here and there are some strange peaks in audio. But it’s better since changing the usb cable.

I would still go for Apollo, as I don’t need 8 mic-pres. and the monitor outs we have a good Presonus Box for that.

RME baby was great too. But a rack-version is always preferable :slight_smile:

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Wow I wish I had known about that amplifier before I got my Digitech Trio band creator and looper but honestly i use very little effects. I played jazz for too many years plugged straight into the amp without a pedalboard and now pretty much use minimal effects. I did get a Hog 30 Pignose and love that, I use for my electric, electric acoustic and mandolin and love it. Anyway when you get something recorded with that amp gotta here it. Thanks!! I bought practically everything I need last black friday and I am still sorting through it a year later! LOL. Congrats on your acquisitions, very nice.

I would check out Presonus if I were you. I mostly use Windows but I do have a mac mini and even their low end USB AudioBox96 worked like a champ with my Mac mini but it was toast on my windows machine. I really like Presonus, their DAW is stellar except their native synths are not ready for primetime, even with tweaking. I see complaints about every single interface but my personal experience with Presonus and Mac was excellent. I use my Behringer Uphoria on my PC and that works great except you have to load ASIO4All to get it to work, which was a pain at times but right now it is working fine.

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well my roland system 8 is still waiting for me in my music store


Wow that looks like huge fun Florent! :smiley:
More knobs and faders = synth heaven

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Yeah I have considered Presonus as well. Not sure if they care that much about Logic support now since they have their own DAW to focus on?

Well my personal experience was that my device worked better with Garageband on the Mac Mini than it did with Windows. there was supposed to be some fix for my issue with Windows 10 but it did not work for me. I would look into Behringer too. My son used one for his professional DJ business. I used to consider Behringer kind of cheesy but not anymore. I own 2 Bugera amps, both extremely nice and have the Uphoria interface. I don’t think presonus would ignore a market as huge as Mac which has protools, garageband and Logic Pro. At any rate my experience with Presonus and Garageband was very happy. Good luck and btw thanks for running this great forum. Really really appreciate it.


i will make a composition as soon as i have it and i will post it here :slight_smile:


I have some time to make up my mind. I will do my big studio upgrade in the spring of 2021. I have saved up for over a year to do a massive upgrade! :smiley:

Thanks, it’s a pleasure having you here too. I just love the spirit and atmosphere of this forum, and it’s all of us that make up the culture here! :slight_smile:


Well, as for the original topic, I’ve been picking up way too much stuff lately to get going with modeled instruments, and my directly Black Friday related purchases are related to that:

  • Upgraded my Precedence/Breeze kit to The Perfect Storm - that is, Aether and B2 with expansion packs. Breeze is very nice indeed, but Aether and B2 can simulate more complex, realistic spaces, and also do a lot of interesting sound design stuff with modulation and non-linear processing. With these, I might be able to go fully “modeled” on the reverb side as well, without IRs.
  • Completed my SWAM collection by adding the Solo Woodwinds, primarily for the jazz friendly saxophones.
  • Turbine from Boom Library. These guys make amazing but pretty expensive libraries and plugins aimed at movie and game sound effects, but at 75% off, I couldn’t resist this long term wishlist item.
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We purchased the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre. It’s a little better and doesn’t cost much more.

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I bought:

  • Soundiron Super Insane Bundle
  • Impact Soundworks Ethnic Bundle
  • Impact Soundworks Ventus - Tin Whistle
  • Impact Soundworks Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Simple Samples Audio Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola
  • D16 Group Drumazon
  • Embertone Infinity Bells
  • Embertone Body Percussion Ensemble
  • Embertone Herring Clarinet
  • Embertone Chapman Trumpet
  • Embertone Jubal Flute
  • Embertone Shire Whistle
  • Embertone Recorders
  • Gospel Musicians FM Tines 2
  • Sonuscore Trinity Drums
  • Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica Lite
  • Orange Tree Samples Evolution Rock Standard
  • AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle
  • Izotope Holiday Bundle
  • Izotope Tonal Balance Bundle Upgrade
  • Izotope/Exponential Audio R4
  • Waves King’s Microphones
  • Best Service Forest Kingdom II
  • Best Service Desert Winds
  • Behringer NEKKST K10S Subwoofer

Wow, you went all in! :stuck_out_tongue: