What about panning on a orchestral template?

hello composers
i have a strange question about orchestral template.
i have a daw, with an orchestral template with all instrument of a symphonic orchestra

the question is :
do you keep the original sterreo panning of the library ? or do you adjust the left/right panning for each type of instrument ?
by exemple violin 1 are on the left, violin 2 are near the middle , the double bass are on the right
what do you do in your DAW ?

Well almost all major orchestral libraries are actually recorded in true seating position, so they are basically “pre-panned”.

Unless of course you use almost only the close microphone on a library then I would pan it. Or if you use libraries that are recorded very dry in a studio setting instead of scoring state or hall.

It is good however in my opinion to “know” how a standard orchestra is seated, all the sections etc. Here is a picture I found just now: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/36/fe/ed/36feed67094e1d133e166868d4c712b3.png