Westwood 'Lost Piano Score' competition entry

Westwood ‘Lost Piano Score’ competition entry

Perhaps a little different, musically, from some of the other entries I’ve heard…but there you are. That’s me :wink:

(The below is an updated link from the original post, with lower music volume, thanks to feedback from Andrew Wilson!)

Really nice - I think the music fits the film perfectly - - - BUT - I think it’s mixed far too loudly against the dialogue. Like it or lump it - dialogue is always king.

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Thanks for the compliment and constructive feedback.

I did wonder that myself…and then decided I thought it was ok, as felt I could still hear every word clearly. But perhaps it also depends on which system is playing it back.

You are probably right. I think I can still tweak as haven’t submitted the submission form yet, so might take your advice just to be safe!

Thank you.