West of Eden Prairie – for Concert and Symphonic Band

I’ve completed the orchestration with the MIDI mockup for Concert Band, based on the Piano Sketch.

There are five scenes:

Scene 1: Early Morning
Scene 2: Across the Plains (I)
Scene 3: Sunday Prayers
Scene 4: Travel Plans
Scene 5: Across the Plains (II)

The next step is to clean up the MIDI file, export it from Cubase, and import it into Dorico (the notation program for printing parts).

Nice, Clinton! I can totally picture a high school band (maybe even a Jr High band if they have the chops) really enjoying playing this music. Melodic, rhythmic, varying tempos and moods- challenging and fun!


Thank you sir . . .

Modern West flavor! Very good music.

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Thank you Dori . . .