Well building up a second machine

It’s time to do a bit of a computer housekeeping … Since I recently bought native Instruments libraries, I seem to be having storage capacity issues …with the exception of network storage … anyhow took a look in my computer “bin o parts” …found a motherboard, and processor , have a case and power supply and some memory …just needed to order 2 NVME ssds…so ordered them today … so will be doing a ground up system build on the weekend …If anybody wants stuff or pics popped up to see how it goes together let me know …just in case somebody wants to tackle a build on their own…


Haha you are a true gear junkie if you have a “bin of parts” :smile:

its very scary … same with keyboards… and … well audio hardware … I’m putting in new shelves for storage…!!!

I put a quad core 3.4 gig i5 with 16 gig of ram, windows 10, and 1Tb hard drive from spare parts and gave it to my daughters friend as he didn’t have a computer for university ( well his old one was like “way old” and way too slow). Anyhow got him hooked up for the next 4 years…

Anyhow, have enough gear to build up an i7 8700k… with nvme m.2 storage … so happy about that …
don’t know if you responded to one of my posts but I asked if you had a Maschine mk2 or mk3

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I will upgrade next year, and I might be crazy enough to go with the new Mac Pro, as I am aiming for a machine I can use in my business for many years.

Wow, he must have been so grateful for that. From spare parts haha, that is crazy but cool at the same time.

I spent way more time in here than Facebook now that I am focusing on building this forum and community. But no, Maschine micro mk1, so it’s the old version. I use it as a trigger device only, so not the plugin or software, just MIDI pads.

I’ve been looking at used imac pro 10 core systems… as the new Mac cheese grater has dropped , the imac pros from some of the big media houses are coming up for sale on the used boards … still expensive here used …no bargains to be had … but apparently the 2019 imac outperforms the imac pro and is $2000.00 cad cheaper ! From benchmarking reviews on the internet)

If you are looking for a bargain, have you thought about getting the old Darth Vader Mac, now that it is being discontinued? A drawback is of course no Thunderbolt 3 or USB C, but with 12 core + extra RAM I am sure that machine would rock for years to come.

Yes, Ive seen a few of the old mac pros and know where there are 2 for sale right now …12 core 3.3 gig xeon class …32 gig of ram and sata ssd … I am considering one , but I need to identify a pci card that supports 2 x m.2 n me drives and is bootable in the old mac pro …If I can identify one that works , I most likely will grab the mac pro cheese grater…

I was watching Joe Sine on youtube load testing a 2019 mackbook pro 8 core with 32 gig … he had 40 instances of U-He Diva running, 40 instances of serum running and if I remember correctly an additional 40 tracks of audio , The test was not very scientific , but the macbook pro took it in stride…

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I am so tempted at the new Mac Pro, since it would be an investment in my business that I expect would last for almost a decade with all that room for upgrades.

Yes, I’ve looked at the new mac pro as well…and like the ability to upgrade it …you will get alot of mileage out of the new mac… I’m still running my bogus mac with mojave right now …6 core 12 thread 64 gig of ram radeon 580 video card , wireless and bluetooth and its a solid performer … but I’m tempted to drop for the “real deal”…I cloned one up just to see how the operating system worked and basically learn about the Mac …anyhow, I checked all my gear and plugins ,tools and will take a shot at Catalina upgrade at some point …just to see what’s going on…

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The new Mac Pro even got a 9/10 on repairability score on ifixit: https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Mac_Pro_2019

Also, the upgradability is insane. I mean, some day in the future I will have 1,5TB of RAM in that machine! Of course to start out I am going to probably have around 128GB (upgrading myself with third party RAM of course).