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There will be a new contest next month, perhaps it will suit you better :wink:
Yes, there are lots of topics, separated into sections as you can see.

Feel free to start new topics, asking questions etc. We are all a bunch of music nerds in here. :wink:



Thank you, I already feel at home :upside_down_face:


Hi everyone!

New to the forum, so time to introduce myself. I’m an experienced, hands-on composer and sound designer from Arnhem, The Netherlands, since 2002. I provide music and audio post-production for television, film, theatre, games, events and so forth.

In addition I assist in producing and coordinating required cast and crew, utilising my network of skilled musicians, actors, writers, audio- and film crew. If you were to visit my studio on any given day, you might walk into a recording session of music, voice over or Foley sound, sessions of audio editing, mixing or mastering. I’ve produced audio for various award winning events, film- and television productions.

Besides all that, I have a background in AI and Computer Programming, which I use to develop my own custom tools. Some of them turn into products, which can be found on www.speakerfood.com. PlugSearch is my first full dedicated Plug-in search application for Logic Pro X, but more cool stuff is planned for the future.



Hello Rinus, and welcome to the professional composers community (or “Fellowship of Composers” as I like to call it! :wink:

Also very cool that you are also a software developer. The PlugSearch plugin is very neat, as it’s something that is annoyingly missing from Logic Pro right now. No problems on Catalina and Logic 10.5?

PS. Your studio sounds like a really cool place to work btw, with all those various projects going on! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström

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Hi, My name is Keith and I live in the north east of england. Since I retired, I have been learning music composition and have enrolled in a few of your courses.
My musical background goes way back though. I learned to read music at secondary school when I played tuba in the school band. In my teens, I played bass guitar in various bands. More recently, I joined a workshop and played mandolin.

I have produced a video with a few of my soundscapes which i Created with your excellent course “How to Compose Ambient Music”. Here is the link :

I would really appreciate comments.


Hello and welcome Keith, great to have you join the community! :slight_smile:
From tuba to bass to mandolin, what an interesting journey.

I loved this composition of yours, it has that “shimmering and deep quality” that makes me think of the classic Vangelis sound. I also believe you made an excellent choice keeping this very minimal and leaving lots of space for the sounds/parts you used to truly breath. It goes excellent together with the visuals as well.

I’m not sure if you have time, but there is a challenge going on right now, and ending June 1st, which is on the theme of “Relaxing Music”. Click here to check out the challenge.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström

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Hi there:
My name is Vicente Sánchez, from Cartagena (Spain).

Although I work as an industrial engineer, I have had the opportunity to participate in musical projects like documentary movies and TV shows soundtracks. It made me believe that composing could be a full-time work, step by step, with patience and hard work. So,I am on the journey.

Today, I am especially keen on adaptive music and games soundtracks and my target is to learn as much as possible about this topic, the techniques, the scene, the industry, and so many things….

I strongly believe that this forum is something special. Kind people. Valuable experienced tips. You Mike, welcoming personally every new member (it’s awesome). This is a place where you can both increase your skills as a musician and share your passion with friendly constructive creators.

Business is a fighting ring, but I don’t want to forget that if there is no heart and feeling behind composing, where is the point?

Thanks for your open door.
See you

NOTE: I am working on a new personal web, by the moment, you can listen to a little example of my music on:


Hello. Thanks for allowing me to join your community. My name’s Paul. I am a producer who works remotely with lyricists, artists, songwriters and musicians from different parts of the world. Even if I didn’t get paid I’d still have to spend 6-8 hours in the studio making and producing music. Looking forward to contributing to this interesting group.


Welcome to the forum, and a very nice piece of music. I love the flutes. Well Done!


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Thanks Michael. In my soundcloud there are only little examples, exercises and experiments. I really appreciate your comments.

i just added you on soundcloud, im curious to hear what you come up with here in the forum…
Have fun and stay epic

I followed you back. You sound glorious!!


Welcome Vicente, I am happy to see you join us in here! :slight_smile:
Yes, music is a journey and exploration that never ends. Adaptive music is a very interesting topic, I think we should start a new discussion thread in the forum on this topic.

I am glad you also see the benefit of a more personal, but also professional, community. I have run Facebook groups for years, but the mess and clutter of the feed without any organization, incentives for members to engage etc. makes Social Media so bad for serious learning and networking.

I hope you get your website up and running soon. And please consider bookmarking this community website so that you remember to come back every week. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome Paul, I’m glad to see that you decided to join this community of composers. And I truly loved your article in Sound on Sound you shared in my Logic Pro X Facebook group.

Regarding working remotely, I would say that it is more important than ever to have the knowledge and ability to do so. I would love to learn more about this in a discussion thread, and I’m certain you could share a few pointers based on your experience. I’ll create a new topic right now in fact, and I will tag you in it so that you will see it (in the Business & Career section).

PS. I hope you will stick around, please consider bookmarking the community website in your web browser. Thanks, and again, welcome! :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m new here and I’m a musi-holic. I like many genres of music and like to mix genres of music together. My goal is to write for visual media. It’s cool to have this forum to exchange tips and for me to get more experience working in the box.


Hello Carl, I’ve seen you post a couple a times already, so I did not know you are brand new. Welcome my friend! :slight_smile:

Music-holic, I think most of us in here are just that haha. I basically live in my “mancave” = studio. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you were considering entering the Westworld competition, right? I think scoring to picture is the best way to truly learn the art of music composition for media, whether that is movies, video games, TV, advertisements or anything really. I will not join this one, because of the reasons I mentioned in that other thread, everything takes time…and since I run a full time business I have to weigh the invested time on potential return. However, I did enter the Evenant Trailer Music competition a while ago, here’s my entry for that one (the voice over is one of the Evenant guys):


Thanks, ready to learn here new things. I like the piece you wrote, nice transition and section from .35 I like bright violin section there. Yes gonna try the spitfire one, as you said for the experience and practice. Where did you learn composing from, are you classically trained, I hear classical influences?

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I think you should join, you would benefit a lot in your learning journey from it! :slight_smile:
Well I guess you could say I am classically trained in music theory, composition etc…but with self-learning from lots of books, a few courses etc. No university degree in music, honestly I don’t believe you need one. I remember a summer around 12 years ago I basically “wasted” the entire summer reading books on music theory, harmony, composition. And when I say wasted, I mean what other people, friends and family said when they saw me do it LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you do need a degree, to make your parents happy of course. Ya will join, good idea. Well I think the best way to learn to be a better composer is to listen to music a lot and to watch a lot of films. Listening is active learning, time should be split evenly between listening and composing. Just something that works for my process.

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Haha, so true, the “society” kind of expects you to get a degree these days. Not in music though, because that is not “a real job” as they say! :wink:

Yes listening is extremely important, listening with purpose of learning I mean. And even better is to sit by your piano when you listen, and find the chords, harmonies, melodies, rhythms by trial and error. :slight_smile: