WELCOME: Start here and Introduce Yourself! =)

Welcome Phil, great to have you join us. And in case you did not know, I come from an electronica/rock background and only started composing cinematic/orchestral music the last few years.

Would be amazing to see you join the contest, I believe it is a good incentive and motivation to have a specific style to compose in, and a strict deadline to finish before. I know from experience how much we can “toy around” in our DAWs a bit too long sometimes haha.

PS. Please consider bookmarking this community website, and I highly encourage you to start new topics in the various sub sections, and join the discussions. I consider this community to be like a family, a fellowship of composers. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mikael

I have to limit myself to set amount of time for sound design as its a bottomless pit and just eats up all your time. Look forward to joining the discussions.

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Hi, I don’t know if people under 20 years old are allowed here. All I want is to publish music that me and my friend composed on musescore. I’m a middle school person and I’m Chinese. If I’m not allowed, it is alright. me and my friend, James, are Two Steps from Hell fans. We love instrumental music and we already composed two. They are simple. I play the cello, while James plays the violin.

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One of the music is called Hawkanesson, link: https://musescore.com/user/33193222/scores/5759981

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So please consider. I wanted to post music for free but can’t find one.

Welcome Charles, glad to have you join the community. Please start by reading the introduction and rules of the forum here.

Most important thing in this community is to always focus on helping others, sharing tips, and giving value to fellow composers! That is what this forum is all about! :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the section in this forum where you can post your music compositions. But remember to read and follow the guidelines/rules.

Mikael Baggström
Founder of professionalcomposers.com

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Hi I’m Fabiana from Italy, I’m here mainly because I would like to learn and because composing music has always been my dream.

I always had the desire to produce music but it was always out of my reach until a couple of years ago when I discovered Logic Pro X that I am studying online with a mixing course.

I have just produced a few of my songs and many others are written on paper. My goal is to make this songs real and make them sound as best as I can.

Thank you for this community!


Welcome Fabiana, great to have you join us. This is a great community full of helpful and kind fellow composers. I even sometimes call this forum “The Fellowship of Composers” :wink:

I hope you will jump into the discussions, ask questions in new topics in the various sections of the community, and share and learn with all of us in here. :slight_smile:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström


Thank you so much Mikael, that’s very nice, looking forward to share and learn!

Cheers Fabiana


Hi there
My name is Khalil Kamal from Palestine
I was a local DJ all my life, last 5 years I went from being a DJ to be able to take my skills to a higher level, and I started to learn to produce music, and last two months I joined ( Pond5 ) and (Motionelements), and I have just 12 tracks.
My DAW is Ableton
Here are my songs :


Welcome Khalil, glad you joined the community of composers. :slight_smile:

Yes music licensing and libraries like Pond5, Audiojungle etc. can be a great way to actually make money from your music these days, especially compared to trying Spotify etc. where you need so many streams to make any money.



Thanks Mikael
I’m glad joining you guys, sharing music, discussions.


Hi Mike

This is a great initiative - it’s the sort of thing, that goes all the way back to the original idea of the internet - connecting likewise mind across the globe - and it’s always quite touching to see the work, love and effort put into a thing like yours.

I’m a filmmaker / write / composer finding my way through this strange experience of life - and I’m looking forward to exploring it further in the company of you all.

Thanks again,



Welcome Thomas, and cheers for the kind words! :slight_smile:
Indeed, and as a matter of fact…I was there in the beginning of the “world wide web” in the early/mid 90s. Discussion boards (BB), usenet and all that.

And while social media can be great, over the last years I have seen too many negative sides of it. Clutter, distractions, chaos (lack of order and structure), bad searchability, thin content, “lazy” attitude among many people, too “me”-centric among many people too…

That’s why I decided to go back to the “old and trusted” way…a niche community of fellow peers, with a focused main theme, organized forum sections and so on.

PS. Please do consider bookmarking this community website so you remember to check in, and do jump into the discussions, start new topics, ask questions, and learn and share with the amazing community spirit we have in here. :slight_smile:


Oh and I forgot to say, it’s super nice to finally have a member who can bring the perspective and thoughts of the “other side” of this industry…meaning the filmmaker/writer side. I am certain you will have a view point on lots of topics that will be very much appreciated when you share your thoughts, insights and experiences. :slight_smile:


You’re long since bookmarked…the old trusted way can always come in handy:-) And of cause, as every other human way of life it seems, the internet has sprung it’s dark sides. In the end, we can only take responsibility for our own actions.

A question: what is the best way to import your beautiful chords and samples into Logic Pro X?



Drag and drop right from finder on your MAC! :wink:
I love that drag and drop works so well these days, even between applications like that.

PS. It helps that I have 2 screens, so I can have Logic on one, and finder on the other.

Another nice thing about a forum in this age…is that it serves as a “proxy” to weed out wannabes, lazy people, trolls, spammers and such. Why? simply because the extra step of having to register an account is too much for those people lol. They rather just do their silly things on Social Media.

We are up to 660 members in here, 3,5 months since birth of this community…and not ONE single post I had to delete as an admin…can you believe that! I am so happy to finally have the quality community I always longed for! :smiley:


to HD>USERNAME>AUDIO MUSIC>MUSIC APPS> SAMPLES? for the samples - I’m a little unsure about the chords?

You know what…instead of continuing in this welcome thread, this is a good opportunity for your first new topic :wink:

Ask the question as a new thread…since it concerns Logic in particular I would say the “DAW questions section