Welcome our new Brand Member - Virharmonic (Bohemian Cello etc.)

I want to welcome Virharmonic as a new brand member of this amazing community.
Learn More about Virharmonic here: Masters of Bohemian Expression

Virharmonic are most famous for their “Bohemian Series”: Bohemian Cello, Bohemian Violin etc.

PS. @Virharmonic I’m super happy to have you become a part of this amazing community for aspiring and working composers! :slight_smile:



Hello to you all and Thank you @Mikael for the invite and warm welcome. It is a pleasure to meet you all and please feel free to check out our work.

Our latest release was Bohemian Violin V3 including Expansion 2 content and we are currently hard at work on Expansion 3 for Violin, Expansion 2 and 3 for the Cello and the new upcoming Viola.

You can check out our Violin V3 in the video below and we will surely post updates here, when we have exciting news :wink:

We look forward to checking out all the interesting projects that will come from this community and thank you for having us.

Cheers from the whole Virharmonic Team


welcome to the community :slight_smile: look forward to checking out your products


Welcome and wow, the video examples in this thread sound amazing.

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