Welcome our new Brand Member - Triple Spiral Audio

Let’s welcome Triple Spiral Audio as a new brand member of this amazing community! :slight_smile:

Triple Spiral Audio have developed a range of sample libraries for Kontakt, Omnisphere Banks, and several other synthesizer preset banks.

Here is a Video of their “Nordic - Omnisphere 2 Soundset”:

PS. @TripleSpiralAudio Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products further in this thread. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your welcome Mike!

My name is Jaap Visser (I also registered as composer here just now) and I started Triple Spiral Audio in August 2017. I have been working as composer and sound designer since I graduated from the conservatory in 2003.
As I always designed my own sounds for my projects I got sometimes the request to create some sounds for others and this was actually what got me started with Triple Spiral Audio. It started as a nice side project but it has grown now to a full time business which I enjoy massively!

I create sounds for a lot of different synths like Omnisphere 2, Zebra 2, VPS Avenger, UVI’s Falcon, Serum and many more and also started creating Kontakt libraries and have released 2 so far and a third is about to be released.
My sounds can be roughly be divided into cinematic sounds that are usefull for trailer, film, game kind of music or in the ambient category as I love to design sounds inspired by nature.

Triple Spiral Audio is now also a publisher for other sound design labels like Subsonic Artz and Beautiful Void Audio and more labels are joining soon. All the labels that join share the same sound philosophy.

If there are questions, feel free to ask! Happy to help out and looking forward to be part of this community. Had a lovely chat with Mike this morning and this looks like a really nice place to be.

Kind regards,

Jaap Visser


Wow this library is fantastic, there is a lot of great sound for ambiant music, fairy and airy music
need this one
i will check the web site
thanks a lot Mikael for the post and the link


These look really interesting- think I might get some of the zebra patches to start off with - would like some more ambient stuff. Some of the other kontakt libraries look really good as well

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Welcome @TripleSpiralAudio!! This is a cool place to hang.


Thank you all for the kind and positive words about my products and for the warm welcome. It’s indeed a great place to be!

Also, we get to have a great sound designer and synthesis master on board! :wink:
You are very much appreciated to be part of this community Jaap.