Welcome our new Brand Member - Sample Modeling (Sample Modeling Brass etc.)

Let’s welcome Sample Modeling as a new brand member of this amazing community! :slight_smile:

Sample Modeling is most famous for their amazing Sample Modeling Brass bundle which gives you so much expression and playability, especially if you pair it with a breath controller. They also just released a brand new product bundle called Sample Modeling Solo & Ensemble Strings.

Here is a Video demonstrating the amazing capability of Sample Modeling Brass:

PS. @SampleModeling Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products further in this thread. :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Mike.


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Wow. This is my first time hearing of sample modeling. This sound amazing.

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@jonnelson1988 Yes they are remarkable, especially when you have a breath controller. You might look silly when you use such a device, but who cares when you are sitting in your home studio haha. The expressivity and playability is what makes @SampleModeling so amazing! :slight_smile: