Welcome our new Brand Member - Red Room Audio (Palette Series etc.)

Let’s welcome Red Room Audio as a new brand member of this amazing community! :slight_smile:

Red Room Audio have developed a range of sample libraries for various instruments, such as: Palette Orchestral Series, Traveler Series etc.

Here is a Video Demo/Review I did of Palette Orchestral Series:

PS. @RedRoomAudio Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products further in this thread. :slight_smile:


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Incidentally, I just installed Sketchpad. (Had FX since before.) Really like the microphones, the organization and consistency, the sound, and… well, basically everything. :slight_smile:

Might grab the others as well. Had other options in mind for the solo instruments (I have a few, and the Infinite libs are on the wishlist), but it might be worth it to grab them all, just to have a complete solution with the same layout, scripting, mics, sound etc.

Not sure it can replace “full size” orchestral library suits from Spitfire, Orchestral Tools etc, but I think it might make it possible to come pretty close with a fraction of the work.

Maybe I can realistically make full orchestral 2 hour track challenge entries with these libs…? Ben Burnes’ 2HAC coming up next week, so I might try it, if the theme fits. :smiley:

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