Way Home - my new track

Creative Vision:
“Way Home” is describing the voyage of a prisoner on the way to his family.
At the beginning he runs, because he wants to get back home fast. (String arpeggios)
As he arrived the majestic forest he looks up in the sky and sees some passing clouds. (Winds and high strings)
His legs are getting tired more an more (Bass).
Following a small litte river (Piccolo Flutes) he has finally passed the forest and arrives at the mountains. (Strings rising)
He is sad because the way is still too long (Piano). He argues with himself. (Choir)
About to surrender he suddenly sees the valley where he lives in. (Brass is rising)
Encouraged to see his family again he gets faster and runs but he is to weak.
He dies just in the arms of his wife. You hear his final hearbeats (Deep Bass)

Main Instruments:
DAW: Reaper 6
Spitfire Epic Strings, Brass, Woodwinds,
Spitfire Discover, Labs
Project SAM Free Orchestra

Composition Details (Tempo, Key etc):
Tempo is 100, Chords are Em G D Am, Key is G Major (or something like this … :slight_smile: )

Project Targets

  • Experiment with EQ,
  • Volume Automation to bring tracks in the Fore- / Background
  • Getting Valhalla Massive under control :slight_smile:


Sound really nice and relaxing. I like the even flow of it.

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I think the explaining text you wrote to it made it very nice. When I listen and read the text at the same time I really see it as a movie.
If I may come with one suggestion: I would have slowed down the tempo gradually in the end for the final heartbeat. And I would add one more heartbeat. :+1:


sounds professional to me, cool energy and has an adventure sound, like your use of piano as a dramatic and strong position. Cool sound choices and sound design.

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Thank you so much guys!!!

@Fredrik i will try that, and render it again.
I will also change the Brass section a bit, i found it too loud. Maybe i add a bit compression to it…

Sincerely yours

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Hey Frederik,
I changed the Brass and added some more intense hearbeat to the end.
also added some Compression,
Its much better now. Thanks for your suggestion, i really appreciate your feedback.
And im very happy you guys like it.

Sounds nice. I can’t listen to the link though.

Michael, you can edit your post to replace the link in there directly. You can always edit any post you have written, including a comment. Simply press the “pen” icon. :slight_smile:

Hey Mike,
i know, somehow soundcloud did not show up my track again, because it had the very same name… i ll delete the second post here…
How do you like my track?

Ah, I see. Well SoundCloud can be strange sometimes. I don’t know if it is SoundCloud error, but your track starts very sudden. A tip I have is, when exporting any track to final mixdown…add just a tiny bit of “space” before it starts. I hope you know what I mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i’ve looked in reaper but there is only a tail option.
ill move the tracks 1 bar to the right next time i render it…

Also apart from starting immediately from 0 milliseconds (again, I advise you to add perhaps 100ms silence before the first sound), I would say you have a bit too much energy in the introduction. It sounds lovely!..but it reduces your options to add energy, density and power later if you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

I really loved when the woodwinds come in btw. The breakdown is really nice, perhaps could add a bit more variation in harmony/chords there, and a bit more dynamic movement.

The final chorus could have been repeated with variation on the second repeat, compared to the breakdown which I would have perhaps reduced in time instead.

The drop and outro are the best parts of this composition imho, I loved it, especially the filtered (low) sound and heartbeat feeling! :smiley:

I hope my constructive feedback finds you well, and remember, it’s only suggestions I might have done differently. :slight_smile:

EDIT: No 1 bar is too much space in the beginning. Perhaps 1 beat?

Thank you so much, i love your suggestions. I will pick them up in my next project.
Alex Pfeffer explained the same in one of his videos, don’t fire all canons at the beginning.
This piece became now the the opposite way as it gets slower to the end:slight_smile: Break the rules. I also love the piano section with very much reverb on it.

The description was of your taste? Now i need a director of photography to make a movie of it :smiley: haha

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I loved your description! :slight_smile:
But I also want to make it clear that it is not “for me” that I have these rules to write a detailed description when posting music. I strongly believe it gives so many insights into the creative mind of your fellow composers, and even the technical details like instruments/sounds, composition aspects like tempo, key, chords etc.

Not only that, but I believe writing this down is even hugely beneficial for the composer himself (you in this case). I mean you even added the “project targets” which was not even in the description template I created to guide members when posting. So it is clear to me that you already know how great this entire description is for the original composer, and the entire community! :smiley:

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Yes, especially the targets are the most important point for me. I added them to help other composers to on which milestone i am. You guys have more than 20years experience, i just started 1 and a half year ago. the are still so much things to learn, way apart from music theory. i love when music tells a story so i decided to make this new project, as im stuck in another cue…

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Btw, I’m curious, that final outro how did you achieve that “time is standing still” effect. Is it like an automation on EQ on the master output channel?

Mike, like this,
its a sub hit, placed very close together,

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Respect for taking the time to screenshot! I wish more members could share screenshots in discussions and sharing tips! :smiley:

Aah, very nice…where is the sub hit from (library)?

Good question,
its from any royality free packs on the web i downloaded over the last year… Most of the samples are unusable for me so I just kept the intresting ones…

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This is really beautiful! I love the vocals midway through. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps find a point where you would like the climax to be, aim for that with heavier heartbeat feel, and then let the piano at the end provide the denoument.

Very nice!

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