Way Home contest submission

Way Home is like a new starting point for me. I couple of month’s ago I decided to try to do some artist music for streaming, Ha ha :slight_smile:
Work with my YouTube channel and Spotify. This is the third track, I guess. I’ve finally found a style I want to develop where I can both play piano and guitar on the same track. It has been a problem for me earlier to combine those instruments in my compositions.
Anyway, thanks for listening.


Relaxing for sure! The piano and guitar go well together. Some feedback for thought… Adding acoustic Guitar track as well might be beautiful and would help fill out. The lovely cello comes in towards the end, might be nice to feature earlier. From a recording production standpoint, you might thin out some of the lower mids (300hz) of the piano we to make less muddy, and or add some Hi-end 10kHz.

Thanks Brandon for your feedback!

I might consider your thoughts in future tracks but for now I’m quite pleased with the result as it is. You are probably right with the 300 area but I already carved out 11db around 140 where I find the biggest buildup to be in this felt piano and didn’t want to loose to much of the character of the felt. In next track I might try to make a big eq cut after the reverb and not just use hi pass before as it is now.

I’m glad you think the guitar and the piano works well together. I had re-record the guitar part with my tele since I first used my strat which didn’t sounded right together with the felt piano when I started mixing.

When it comes to the arrangement I guess it all has to do with taste. I wanted to keep it minimal and sparse but with some small changes to keep the listener’s interest but without attract to much attention. This Might sound a bit pathetic, ha ha :slight_smile: but my intention is more to try to reach how the mind works when we sit or lay down for relaxing.

Like the journey of thoughts we have before we go to sleep where the thoughts are replaced by each other. Crazy! Yeah, I know :slight_smile:

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Its a very relaxing piece. Nicely done!

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Thank you Jimmy! :slight_smile:

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I personallg really like this piece. Well done!

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Thanks a lot Geoffrey! :slight_smile:
I’m glad you like it!

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It really sounds relaxing and the sound palette is very well chosen. I detected that mainly in the beggining some piano chords have got a shorter note at the end (every 8 bars or so), maybe for the chord change, and it made me fell like interrupted. In my opinion a longer note would provide a leggato feelling that could be good for this type of song, creating a flowing piano cascade.
Your song is beautifull and perfect for the contest. GOOD JOB

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Thank you Vicente! :slight_smile:
And, thanks for your tip about longer the notes in the end of the turnarounds. I’ll try to keep that in mind for future tracks.
I try to do as little as possible with the midi, mostly turn up or down some velocities.

One of favourite tracks! Made me relax and want to listen more so worked really well within the genre. Nicely done :clap:t3:

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Thank you Joel! :slight_smile: