Warning about next update on MacOs Catalina

i have read this information and it concerns all mac user
thanks to 8dio Vlog



I’ve seen very similar emails from almost everyone, spitfire, ark etc saying the same thing. Don’t download the update yet.


It’s common practice as a composer to lag behind with OS updates, regardless if you are on Mac or PC. This is because all the software, drivers etc. need to be made compatible by the developers. I personally know composers that lag 2 versions behind on Mac OS X because they fear issues. Personally I usually give it 6 months then update to the latest version.


Hi everyone,
I am on a older mac runing high serria so I need to be careful when upgrading and I only have one computer

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By no means am I suggesting you not be careful about updates. However, I can say this as an experienced Apple computer user of many years, the update software will not attempt to update you “beyond” the latest version your hardware can support.

The challenge with those that stay too far behind the curve, they don’t have any of the security vulnerability fixes available from later updates. Same goes for any significant bug fixes.

I too am awaiting word from Spitfire, Native Instruments, etc. to know when it’s safe to update.

Also, to those reading this thread who may be thinking about purchasing a new Mac. When you buy a new one it will have Catalina installed from the factory.



I have a late 2013 i Mac 21”
16 gb ram
HD 1 tb
And graphic card I donot remember the mb on this card but this Mac at the time was hear towards 3D model and animation

Is their a way I can trade it in for a similar one I have
Maybe a few hundred dollars for the difference
Because I been worry lately about my Mac go out

Thank You

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We just upgraded to Mojave and will stay there for awhile.


I’ve used

for Refurbished Macs and they’ve been excellent - you can ask ( if its available on the mac you want for upgrades etc). Give 1 years warranty and can be extended to 3. I’ve bought a few macs from them over the years and they are almost like new and they have excellent support.

I’ve always hung back on updates - wait to see what the general feedback is like on forums etc. A few good ones are

Also reddit is a good place for mac os info and advice.

Oh Thanks I will checks these

I was wondering to that Mac finder is there a USA I’m in Utah ?

You could always get a referbished one from Apple - think it works out a about 15% cheaper.

That’s probably the best bet as there throughly checked by Apple - have bought refurbished MacBook from Apple on the past

A few other places that seem to get good reviews are


If you go for a third party company throughly check them out - look at reviews and check warranty and returns policy etc. Check if there reliable.

If your not sure go with an Apple referb

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In 8 years only did 2 major updates! Never change a running system!