Want to Compose for Games? Ludum Dare 47 is almost up

Hello everyone!

When I joined the forum I wrote a post about video game music and I said that in order to compose for games you’d probably would want to look for game jams, events that makes game developers create small games in a given amount of time.

One of the game jams I specifically mentioned before was the Ludum Dare, probably world largest game jam.

Now… I’m writing to tell you that Ludum Dare 47 is almost up, it’ll start on October 2nd and will last for 48 hours (for people going solo) to 72 hours (for teams).

So… if you’re looking to try it out… this is probably the best time ever to find yourself a team and join forcers with programmers and artists to enter the Jam.

As for myself I decided that this time I’ll be entering solo in order to test myself to the extreme… but if you’re interested this is the link to the Ludum Dare website (atm it’s undergoing maintenance because they’re readying it for the event), you can probably find developers to team up with directly in there as soon as it’s working again.

LUDUM DARE WEBSITE: https://ldjam.com/

The latest ludum dare had something like 5000 to 6000 different entries… every game will be rated in every specific aspect, music included. Getting an high score for your music can really give you some spotlight in the game developing “world” :slight_smile:

Happy composing everyone :slight_smile:



Maybe it’s time to participate again, one of these years? :smiley:

Would probably do a solo game too. I have some engines and stuff that could use some exercise outside of my ancient game projects. But, just doing some music might be an idea too. :slight_smile:

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do you have to play video games to compose for video games?

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Well… it would be better to understand how a game work… but I don’t think it’s a requirement :smiley:

The Ludum Dare Website is Up and Running: https://ldjam.com/

If you want to find yourself a team and partecipate you can join their discord server and write in the “looking for a team” channel :slight_smile:

LINK: https://discord.gg/8DQnfCH


Hey Luca. Interesting activity.
I’ve tried to take a look at the channel but the link takes me to ludumdare45 and it doesn’t work :man_shrugging:

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You’re absolutly right… I mistook the link. But now I created a custom invitational Link that should work to directly join the discord and switched it in :slight_smile:

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