Voice of Wind: Kimba | Available Now For Kontakt Player & NKS

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Voice Of Wind: Kimba is the second volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or video production project that comes your way. This edition focuses on the healing and joyfully unique mezzo-soprano voice of Kimba Theurich. Her sensitive, comforting and breathy vocal character effortlessly fuses classical, pop, folk, blues, Celtic and mystical vocal styles.

This library includes a wide variety of melodic phrases that are divided into 100bpm and 140bpm tempos for bright and dark categories and 120bpm hummed category. We’ve also included 20 custom fx presets to jump-start your creative process.

It’s made for the Kontakt 6 Player and is compatible with all NKS standard hardware.

You can purchase Voice of Wind: Kimba on sale now for only
$69.00 (MSRP $99) Hurry, Sale Ends September 1st!

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