Violin Textures - Kontakt Instrument

Hey all,

So this has been a good while coming. I’ve finally uploaded a sample library I’ve created for sale. Thank you @Mikael for recommending Gumroad. Finally got around to doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Violin Textures is a Kontakt 5 and above library that you’ll need an up to date version of kontakt (think it’s 5.8 now?)

I created this library to literally add texture to the samples that you might already have, though it can do much more than that. I composed a short piece that shows off all of its functions.

Geoff Evans - Composer Demo

Sam Griffths - composer Demo

In this piece all sounds were created from Violin Textures (except the piano and Cello). So you can hear that it has some sound design qualities. A filter and res’ knob that can be assigned to the mod wheel by right clicking your mouse and moving the mod wheel (or any faders you have) makes easy work of this. Though as you can hear it does nice work of the natural march to swelling violin sounds too.

If you are interested in supporting my first venture, so that I might be able to make more in the future then here’s the page you can purchase it at. I’ve kept it nice and cheap. I really can’t wait to hear what you do with it!!

Buy my product

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me with their kind words and motivational talks in this forum. Without you I may not have had the guts to do this!


Sold! Nice work Geoffery! Going to go play with it right now!


Excellent! I can hear me using this for cinematic landscapes. A nice intimate feel!
Well done!
Regards, Adrian.


Wow thank you both (@MaestroX) for you kind words and for supporting me!

I’m very excited to make more libraries now and she’s then with everyone. I will also be posting a free or pay what you like melodica sample library soon that has sound design capabilities too!

I would love to hear feedback from you both on your experiences when you’ve had a play! Perhaps I could quote you both if you’d be ok with that.


nice work great job


I can hear this in a commercial or opening scene of a family style movie, I like the piano sound you’re using and the reversal effect sound towards the end. Good work.

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Thank you Bala! Glad you liked it!

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Hey Carl, the piano is a mix of soft piano and addictive keys. There aren’t any reverse effects in this. That is the violin textures with the res knob and the filter mapped to the mod wheel . There’s also a delay and convolution reverb on it that is all housed inside the plugin :slight_smile: there’s a lot of sounds this plugin can create :smiley:

COmposer Sam Griffiths just left a review and Demo of my library you can find here. i think hes done a fantastic job. What do you think?

he also says this about the instrument which may help some of you on the fence wether you want to purchase it or not :slight_smile:

“Violin Textures is great for adding extra character to music
The in built filter its great for dark moody ambient pads,
As the cutoff opens it turns into a glassy, aleatoric semi strings/ semi organ like texture which has a lot of character .
Great for subtly layering with more traditional string libraries for extra movement and character or simply used on its own. All pads and strings in this demo are made from Violin Textures - a great instrument which will definitely work its way into my pieces” - Sam Griffiths.

i think its ace, very different to the first demo! very neo-noir. well done Sam!!
ill be uploading a Video Demo in a few days :slight_smile:


Also I have included a 10% discount starting from today until the end of next week when you purchase Violin textures. Just use the code “10off” in the discount code section when purchasing the product :slight_smile:

Hey Geoffers! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I had quite a bit of fun with Violin Textures. I haven’t written anything with it yet (so behind on so many projects) but just improvising for a while, I absolutely got lost in the sounds. There was plenty of inspiration that came to me and I’d like to make good on it at some point.

The cool pad-like texture sounded great with some minor/diminished intervals, giving me some ideas for some dark Gothic atmosphere sounds as well as horror/suspense moments. Opening it up to more melodic ideas, I definitely got an X-Files mystery feel (looking out my window for UFOs!). As it is it’s very versatile and I think running it through some FX will definitely add even more value for me.

Hope you have the opportunity to make more libraries!


Hey Matt thank you for awesome review. Really glad you got so into it. For such a small library it packs a lot in doesnt it! Thank you so much for purchasing it.

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Quick update.

Thank you to those who have already supported me in this new venture. Because of that initial support I have been able to hire a professional designer for the GUI wallpaper. This may not be a big thing in terms of performance, but it’s taken the project to the next level. So as soon as this new Wallpaper is available I’ll be sending an email to you with the update.

If anyone else would still like to purchase this in support of my vision don’t forget there’s a discount code that is actually private to just a few places. 10% off the product with the code “10off”.

I’ve also included the track by Sam Griffths in the description of this post which is a drama track.

Thank you again to those who have bought my product! I have no words to say how grateful I am!


Hey Everyone!

For those of you who have been waiting for a sale on this product, its finally come.
I’m releasing a new version of Violin Swells (previously violin textures) on Monday.

So to celebrate the release ill be knocking off £5 for this product, making it available for a very affordable - £10!

Just use the discount code - new2020 at the checkout and youll recieve your money off.

heres the link for all of you who are interested in this product!

thank you again so much to those who support me. this is a totally new venture for me so i appreciate it a lot!!


I will buy it on Monday and try to use it as a part of my “Sad music competition” piece to support you! Good luck with your work!


Ah thank you Anna! That means a lot, and I’m now very excited to hear what you do with it!

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Such a nice sound! I think that I will combine it with piano and flautando strings! :slightly_smiling_face: Good job!

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Awe thank you Anna! I’m very pleased you like it! I seen that you purchased it last night. Thank you so much. Would you mind if I used your comment as a quote for my blog?

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Glad to help! Feel free to use it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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