Violin Swells 2.0 -October Sale

Hey everyone!

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the few of you who have chose to support me over the past 5 months. Because of that I’ve chose to put a discount of 50% on my biggest instrument Violin Swells 2.0.

If you are new here and don’t know what the instrument is, well I’ll tell you now! :smiley:

I developed the first iteration for a client who wanted some realistic violin sounds that would ad realism to their music, while also having a bit of that “folkie” sound. Later I decided to improve on this and made Violin Swells 2.0, which adds presets to the equation, updates the GUI and includes a much crisper sample pool.

The instrument creates awesome sounding pads using real violin samples, and makes use of a filter and resonance knob to create more granular sounds if you desire them.

The main preset is set to just roll off the top end for a really smooth pad sound but you can use it however suits your piece.

The library does need a full version of Kontakt 5 to run.

Thank you all so much for supporting me so far, it really does mean a lot to me!

Just use the discount code: just15
In the checkout.

Here’s a video of the demo too!

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