Vienna Smart Orchestra ExpansionPack released

We just released an expansion pack for our Vienna Smart Orchestra.
To celebrate this release we discounted the it to 145€ and the ExpansionPack to 60€ (normal price: 85€)

Smart Orchestra is a collection of orchestral instruments optimized for live playing on a keyboard or for quick sketching and scoring.
This package is NKS ready.

You will get great presets that enable you to quickly start playing and switching instruments on the fly. Play the strings with the left and the lead instruments with the right hand, or play the them in full range.

New in ExpansionPack

Legatos: Viola Ensemble, Cello Ensemble, Piccolo, English horn, Bass clarinet, Bassoon
Single Notes: Harp, Celesta, Timpani

Listen to the demos and videos. More information are available on the product page.


Wow this looks and sounds amazing. I’m sure it may become the first step into your VSL range of products for many composers. :slight_smile: