Vienna Ensemble Pro on the same computer as your DAW?

Hello Composers, Mike here! :smile:
I have always used one single computer for music composition and production, currently on an iMac 2013 with 32GB of RAM (which is starting to show its age).

I hear so much about Vienna Ensemble Pro, how great it is for performance, efficiency and workflow etc. when working on big templates and projects. But I don’t want to use a second computer.

Will there still be a performance boost if you use VEP on the same computer as your DAW?

If you have experience in using VEP as a composer, please share some brief insights and tips. Why should I use it, what has it done for your workflow?


I’m currently using the same model Mac as you but I only have 8gb of ram. The performance was horrible up until I got an external hard drive and out literally everything on that!

I’m now considering installing an SSD as my main drive as they’re solid state and run much quicker… already the difference is unbelievable!

Have no experience with what your looking to do but this is basically where I’m at. Plus to really overhaul your performance, it’s the CPU that you need to worry about… and that would mean replacing your Mac :sob:

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I mean, if I could afford it I would go for the new Mac Pro when it is released. I know people running the old Mac Pro still, so I would definitely get many years out from it if I upgrade it occasionally.

When it is released I will have to do some serious calculating on which path I want to take. Maxed out Mac Mini, iMac Pro or new Mac Pro.

Right now my RAM is my biggest issue. I have no idea how you cope with 8GB, as I have 32GB and I always run into RAM overload on every project. =/

The problem is that my iMac 2013 can only support 32GB max so I have no way of upgrading it. That is why next time I buy a new Mac I am going to want really high max RAM options.

I already have everything on SSD, and to be honest, my CPU is not the bottle neck most of the time (Quad Core i7 3,2Ghz).


Yeah you won’t have issues as your running the i7. That actually where us composers struggle in our DAWS.

I recently rang up Apple inquire about why logic doesn’t use any more than 4gb of ram. An they said that’s all it needs. The rest is used by the computer to convert sounds but it’s actually the CPU that creates the bottle neck. So basically I’m screwed :joy:

Yeah, Logic actually uses up all my 32GB of RAM, due to my big project template with all those sample libraries :stuck_out_tongue:

But you mentioned in another thread you can’t upgrade your RAM? Why is that? I have the 2013 iMac and I’ve upgraded to max 32GB. Is it because I have a “late 2013 model”, if so man you are unlucky.


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It’s because I bought the wrong spec. When I went to the shop to buy it the man basically lied to me to sell me the product. So I got an early 2013 run of macs that you can’t upgrade ram on Past a certain amount. :frowning:
They discontinued them in mid 2014 as no one were buying them. Before I’d realised my warranty had expired so I was stuck.

Oh that’s such bad luck, and what a jack-ass sales person. =/

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Yeah you live and learn. I mean I could upgrade the ram but it’s not designed to be done. So on other more recent macs 2010+ there’s a button in the power compartment that opens the ram unit… well on my Mac I don’t have that… it’s a slimline edge Mac too so there’s no getting into the unit. The only way I’d be able to do it is to take the creek off which is glued on, then remove the motherboard and change it like that. Such a nightmare really. But by posting that on here now I’ve warned people about it. Which I guess is a good thing. My external hard drive really saves my bacon tbh

i intend to buy the VEP pro, i have a main computer based on a core i5 with 32 Gb of Ram, but some library take a long time to be ready to play ( like spitfire audio, some 8Dio or native instrument), i have found a second hand dell server with 192Gb or memory and a lot of Hard Drive
so i think that next month i will purchase the VEP, install it on the server, set up all template by instrument ( string, brass, woodwind, fx, choir, percussion, harp, and exotic instrument) then i will install it also in my main computer.
i use cubase, i have seen a lot of tutorial on youtube it is not so hard to setup, it takes a long time to build all template but after that you have all your instrument instantaneously
i think that VEP is a great solution and at a good price
and a second hand computer is not so expensive depend on what you want ti buy

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I use VE PRO 7, and I think it’s a great solution. It has its own built-in effects, and it’s a real mixing console. Possibility also to use other plugins of effects.
So I strongly advise you to buy VE PRO 7

Do you use it on a second computer, or the same computer? If you use it on the same computer, is it more CPU/RAM effificient still than having every plugin loaded in your DAW only?

I use it on my Imac, but my soundbanks are on an external SSD drive.
This allows me to limit the CPU and disk load of my computer.
I would go to the ìmac pro, but … given the price, I will have to sell a lot of music!:blush:

I have been interested in this topic for some time. I have a mid 2010 Mac Pro and, so far, it is ok. I do use 2 X internal SSDs though. I also maxxed out the Ram to 48GB (recently found out it might go to 64) I have been considering the VE Pro as it seems like a good way to have a big template. Of course Apple updated Logic Pro so now I can use 1,000 tracks ! (I tried. My computer said no). So I am waiting for the new Mac Pro. I have cashed in several Term deposits in anticipation of a massive Apple tax. I’d love 28 cores but my family would lock me up. I just wish it would come out already! I have the money Apple!!! Also, side note to Arturia, Audiofuse Studio. Your page says “Coming Soon” I don’t think you know what soon means. So decisions to be made. Money to be spent. Fun to be had.

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Oh I am sooooo much looking forward to the new massive and more importantly future proof (upgradable) Mac Pro! :smiley:

I have never liked the idea of a slave computer, I like simplicity in technology setups. One single monster computer is what I desire…a computer that can handle high end music/audio production, live streaming and video production and so on. :slight_smile:

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Me too. I want simplicity. And I hate millions of cables. The last Mac Pro was dumb because you had to connect EVERYTHING to it. I can’t use Massive X until I upgrade. My Mac is nearly 10 years old (I also have a previous Mac Pro from 2005. It is a good TV server). I may get into video production. I have a few tracks on youtube but all I have is a boring, static video of the album cover. I want to make videos to enhance the music but its not in my creative toolbox (yet).

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