Video Review: Splash Sound Epic Percussion 3

I like to think I have enough epic percussion libraries but this does sound really good…


Thanks for sharing your views on this new library William.

Haha, I think percussion and string libraries are those things you always feel you need more of :wink:


String libraries and guitars :sweat_smile: I think it’s just a never-ending quest to find the sound that best matches what you hear in your head since each library/instrument has its own peculiar nuances in sound a tonal character. At least with guitars, you can trade 'em in for something else.

I though i was done with string libraries after getting Abbey Road One, but now I want OT’s Berlin Series; those recordings in the Teldex stdio just sound SOOOOO good :smile:

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Man, those sound good. I’ve been using Soundiron’s Apocalypse Percussion in place of Action Strikes from NI as I’m finding them to sound better, but maybe add this library…

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