Very great full

I hope everyone will have a great Christmas spending times with friends and families
I know for me is has always been tough
But I am so very ,very grateful to The Lord my God we have a roof over our head,food on the table and clothes on our back because this time last year we really did not know how we were going to pay rent and had to go to food pantries For our food and to go for government help to get my meds which had a lot of problems
as we were so very close to being on the street

So keep this short I just very ,very ,very thankful
we might not have everything we want but we do have what we need
plus I found and cane across Mike and all the great group of people on this forum

Anyways Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift: to all


Merry Christmas Brian (and everyone of this community), and enjoy the love and warm feelings of this amazing holiday time! :slight_smile: