Using two midi notes options to create a smooth transition

Hi Everyone

Ok normally I play in or record in my midi notes and with midi keyboard piano

but I been trying to learn to manually put them in the piano roll by hand one note at a time

for a different example input a C note and D note in piano roll

now when I play them back they have this disconnection or choppy feel and clicking sound

how do I get a smoother connection between the two notes so they have a smoother transition sound so they flow into one another

Because next question would be I’m trying to create a crescendo a slow crescendo between the 2 notes of C and D midi notes so I want them to sound as smooth as possible not disconnected sounding does that make more sense ?

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Hi Brian. If you want a legato sound, usually with MIDI notes, you’ll normally extend the tail of the previous note a little beyond the start of the next note so that they overlap. I think that maybe what you’re looking for.

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Thank You I will play around with that :smiley:

If I have questions About this topic I ask here Sir