*UPDATED* Track "The Misty Realm"

Hello good peoples!

Just like to share this track that I made some changes to. Specifically, I used Spitfire’s Abbey Road One as the main string library and blended it with Audio Imperia’s Areia. The difference from the original is actually quite striking to me. Originally I used Areia con sordino strings, and they sounded quite good. But just changing them to ARO, it’s like the entire piece just remixed itself! The solo woodwinds–especially the oboe just came out and blended much better and it sounds like the whole mix just cleaned up real nice.

I still layered ARO with Areia because ARO doesn’t have a legato articulation and the dynamics seem to only go as quiet as pianissimo, whereas Areia can go all the way to niente, which is what I needed at the beginning and the end, but otherwise, I have to say the ARO mix and mics sound amazing! This is the first time I’ve gotten around to using it, so definitely will us more of it in the future!


Very nice job! The composition sounds great! If I could give one suggestion would be adding some legato as sometimes changes feel a bit too sudden. Not sure if you have legato though!

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Thanks Alexis! Unfortunately Abbey Road One doesn’t have legatos–pretty much its biggest flaw that I found, which is why the string parts are mostly sustained harmony parts and why I stilled layered it with Areia, just to give some legatos. But they probably aren’t that noticeable :wink:

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Slow unfolding that held my interest. Lovely delicate motifs. I very much enjoyed.

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Thanks so much for listening Charlie, glad you enjoyed it :smile:

Very beautiful and slightly sad piece throughout, excellent flow and transitions.

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Very nice! The timpani blended well. There were times I almost didn’t even notice it, but it would have sounded flat without it. Very much enjoyed listening to this.

I enjoyed that piece - definitely had a fantasy quality to my ears
Which choir VST did you use?