Unison Chords pack

Have anyone tried this Unison package ?
I’ve seen the ads on youtube and facebook and I find it quite attractive

Hello Erik, which Unison Chords pack, do you mean this one? :slight_smile: https://unison.audio/product/unison-midi-chord-pack/

Haven’t tried that one out personally, but there are lots of options for chord workflow. Like apps and plugins. I love the app “Suggester”. And the plugin “Captain Chords”.

I have also used Captain Chords and have recently picked up W.A’s InstaChord as it was in a really cheap deal package…but I’ve yet to try it out properly.

I don’t pretend for a minute to be the best music theorist, so these little helper plugins are nice to use to show me what chords can work well together when my own knowledge runs out. :smiley:

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You know a great app for practicing “what chords work good together” (Remember you can always break rules): Chordbot. I think it is both on iOS and Android.

The cool thing is that every chord you add it gives you like “hints”.

Green = Will work very well
Yellow = Might work, but can sound a bit “spicey”
Red = Breaking the rules hehe of music theory hehe :wink:


Grabbed the Lite version of the app on your recommendation - that looks really promising! Will upgrade to the full version if it becomes a regularly used thing, for sure. :+1:

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It’s actually really addictive lol. Since you can select “playing styles” and stuff after you created your chord progression. Also, I believe you can export the MIDI and import into your DAW :wink:

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The cool thing about the unison chord pack is that you can drag the chords directly into your software and play with the structure…
Anyway I tried all the apps mentioned and my favourite so far is Chordbot , a great tool to keep you inspired and songwriting while you take a shit hahaha

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I guess that in order to export the MIDI you’ll need to buy the complete version but that could worth the price