Under the Stars

After a difficult 10 days or so I settled down over the weekend to make this track:-

This track was inspired by listening to some of the new music about to be released by Neuland Project (Peter Baumann & Paul Hasslinger). It must be so enthralling and beautiful being an astronaut and taking in the perspective of our little planet within the vastness of space.


Really great ambient track some nice synth patches - what did you use?

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Thanks Phil, I put a list in the comments on the video. I mainly used Omnisphere and gave some movement to the pad sounds using Heavocity Intimate Textures. Drums came from Cubase 10’s built in Groove Agent 2 using the minimal drum set as this track did not require too much percussion.

Mixing wise I used Softube Console 1 with UAD plugins, namely the manley massive passive to shape the final sound. A touch of the Oxford Limiter to provide expansion added the final mastering fairy dust.


Hello, I feel the beginning as very beautiful and as a typical soundscape of ambient music. In the transition, there is this easy rhythm, which I like very much. I also think that he fits the music. Then something follows that points musically in a different direction. A melody (lead) is very intense and intrusive in the foreground. It develops a constant calculable rhythm. I miss the hovering sound from the beginning. I like this music, but I’m not sure if I would call this music ambient. But this is my peronal opinion. Nevertheless I think that everything was done very well.

Klaus Ferretti

Thanks Klaus. The term Ambient covers a multitude of styles. Some involve pure floating pad sounds whereas there is a new age ambient style that involves melodic leads. I took a different approach with this composition in that the video came before the music. I therefore was conscious of bringing the track to a conclusion within the allotted time of the video.

Thanx for this wonderful composition. It does sound like a theme for a space journey to be sure. But I guess that what is the desired purpose for a composition? I am inclined to agree with Klaus Ferretti though. So far there really isn’t an ironclad statement as to what ambient is, because many of the examples in various R and D sites that I’ve seen don’t seem to match either.

Ambient is truly difficult to define exactly. If you listen to Tangerine Dream their music is classed as Ambient/Electronic in most circles. Yet there is a strong sense of melody in a lot of their tracks.

This is one reason why I do not like labelling music to confirm with a specific style as you will never get two musicians to agree.

There are different shades of every color, and the rainbow has gradients has it not? :slight_smile:
Ambient as in “atmospheric driven chill-out music” vs Ambient as in “floating dreamy new age drone sounds”…are just different parts of the same spectrum. :slight_smile:

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