Twice but not Thrice

Did this short tune quite quickly yesterday. Laid down a simple (in my opinion nostalgic) melodic theme to start with. It turned into a rather straight forward nostalgic synth type Morriconish tune :wink:

Twice but not Thrice


Cool track Harri. You definitely hit the Morricone sound!

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it’s great tune, almost blew out my ears at first note accidentally had volume on max.

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Yes, done that a few times myself :wink: Especially after I got Apogee Element 24 which has no physical knobs to control the output volume.

Good instrumental contrast. Maybe a little bit longer? I love the sound of the trumpets and it also has Morricone elements.


Yes Jorge, I agree it is a bit shortish - more like Morricone trailer music :wink:

Hi Harry. Interesting piece for your part. I really feel it like a action scene, and the final is quite surprising. It is a pitty that it is so short, and there is no time to include more nostalgic elements.
Thank you for sharing.

I fully agree, I could have allowed myself a bit more time to introduce some further development/parts. I got carried away developing the theme and the background and worked most of that Sunday on the tune. At some stage I decided that I would finish it by the end of the day.

Catchy and interesting melody, and the trumpet does sound nice indeed! I like the ending, where the parts kind of take off in different directions rhythmically.

Thanks David for your comments. I forgot to include any information on the sw and gear I used to do the track. The trumpet is actually a trombone (the Logic default). Here goes:


  • Fisman TriplePlay guitar MIDI controller: I played the trombone using my electric guitar and tidied up the midi (some ghost notes get generated now and then) and corrected timing issues (some times not all the midi notes get placed correctly) in the piano roll view.

  • Arturia Keylab 49 for MIDI automation


  • The baseline I did using the Synthmaster ARP docking baseline KS

  • The repeating chord arpeggio is also from Synthmaster

  • The droning pad in the intro is Audio Imperia Nucleus

  • The choir voices Audio Imperia Nucleus

  • Strings Audio Imperia Areia

  • Logic mellotron