Trying out a Homemade Virtual Choir

Genre/Style: Relaxing Instrumental with Choir

Creative Vision for the Track: I made this to try out a new virtual choir that I made. I just moved into a new house. The main rooms have vaulted ceilings up to 11ft and wood floors. Before we moved in most of our furniture or rugs the rooms had a lot of bouncy reverb to them. So I tried an experiment. I put 2 mics up high (about 8ft) and recorded myself singing notes from the other side of the house so that the recordings were thick with reverb. I sang from several different parts of the room. Then I did 2 more mic positions in different rooms and several more singing positions.

I’m not a pro singer by any means. But, besides sampling the character of the new house, I specifically wanted to make a choir that isn’t perfect. I recorded each note after listening to a tone, but they were recorded independently, so I had no way of trying to blend with my previous recordings. So the choir wavers a bit around the note, some notes more than others.

Then I synced and mixed the recordings in Logic. And I did my usual trick of tripling each track to vary the formant with a vocal transformer to add more variation and fill out the choir further. Then I brought the samples into Decent Sampler to create the instrument. Once it was a functioning instrument, I recorded this track using the choir to lay out some chords, and then filling in an accompaniment with the other instruments.

I also uploaded the instrument to the Pianobook website. If it gets approved it will be available there to download if anyone needs a flawed, amateur choir recorded with basic mics in an empty house.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): It’s a basic chord progression in C. Somewhere around 65bpm.

Main Instruments used:
New House Choir (me)
Harp, Contrabass, Bass Drum (BBCSO)
Arctic Swells, Ghost Bells, Soft Piano (LABS)
Solo Cello, Stormdrum (EastWest)
Study Piano (Pianobook)


I was surprised to find that my choir was featured on the Pianobook YouTube channel on this week’s piano drop video.

Humblebrag LOL

Very nice sound - I am going to have to make my way over to Pianobook :slight_smile:

:laughing: Thanks!

I have so many instruments from Pianobook that I use on a regular basis. It really is a cool site.

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