Tranquillum - Relaxing Music Entry

The struggle was real… but I made it, finally.

This was probably the first time I tried to create music according to someone else’s specs and in top of that, never ever I would’ve thought that I would compose something which can be defined as “relaxing music”

In a retrospective, I’m really happy that I challenged myself to participate as this was again one of those journeys where I’ve learnt a lot.

Thanks to Mike for arranging these contests! These are really good way to challenge yourself.

Stay safe and tranquil moments to all,


I’m glad you decided to join Riku, it’s a great way to “challenge yourself” and also get a purpose for composing on a specific theme. :slight_smile:

I listened now, and it is sounding beautiful and relaxing. I got that “life is sweet and beautiful” type of vibe, with a sense of depth and reflection, but good introspective reflection if that makes sense haha.

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wow, so easy and beautiful.

this is my favorite track for the contest! well done! i am a bit jealous now :smiley:

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Beautiful track!
Very relaxing :slight_smile:

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Perfect. I could easily hear this song in pretty much any film. So good. Thank you.

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I liked your transitions from section to section. They seemd natural and fitting.The vibe was definitely relaxed! Well done!

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@Mikael @Seven_Tears @StephanLindsjo @Fredrik @romeosapien

I’m a bit overwhelmed about the feedback, in positive way of course!
As a typical Finn, it’s kinda hard to take some positive feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Nice orchestration and beautiful string set!

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Nice, peaceful track. The piece might have even gone on longer with how the guitar came in and was developing. Video works well for it as well. Great job!

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Thank you Francisco!

Hi Brandon and thanks for the kind words.

The length is actually a good point. Just trying to reflect here why the song actually ended there. This was actually the first time I was using proper sketch for the whole song. Of course, it wasn’t that perfect so I needed to change couple of things during the process. Maybe I was just purely “tunnel visioning” the sketch in sense that the length of the song was already written in stone at that point. The song could definitely develop further as you mentioned.

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I really like the piano texture with the strings/woodwinds in the back. I also think your selection of pictures to accompany the video is spot on! :slight_smile: Really relaxing.

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@RSM this sounds great! One of my favorite mixes I’ve heard in the competition, so far. Everything sits really nicely. I especially liked when the orchestra backed off for that tasty, echoing guitar.


Thank you Mirza and Tom!

@tk_tmm Glad that you liked the transition to guitar. So far it has been the most controversial part based on the feedback what I’ve received so far.

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Great sound. All is right, it flows easilly, the softest chord progression, everything goes where expected…, but I don’t know, I need an sting, something special.
Sorry but too typical for me. I feel a “listened before” mood. Please don’t get angry, it is just an opinion for you to have feedback, from someone that maybe can not do it better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Vicente,

Angry? Not at all. I really appreciate that everyone express their opinions towards music as they feel and hear. You also made a good reasoning to question: “Why this song didn’t work for me”.

I agree that this song is really on the safe side in every aspect but it was something “intended”. Don’t get me wrong, I love those “stings” and special things but it’s really hard and delicate stuff to make it fit within relaxing music, at least for a novice like me.

My approach to relaxing music is something that doesn’t disturb the listener, it flows easily and should calm ones mind. But again, defining relaxing music is also a subjective view. If someone would’ve asked me 20 years ago what is relaxing music, the answer would’ve probably been Metallica :slight_smile:

Thanks for spending time with my piece and giving your honest feedback!


I thank you so much for your understanding. I respect your approach. Today, wiith Tweeter and Facebook, people is prepared to attack as soon as possible, but also to strike back. I think we don’t need to be “on guard” if the porpuse is a sincere feedback. Of course we all like that our music is enjoyed for everyone in any case, but that is impossible. And it’s fine. A bad critic is not a tragedy. Nobody is menacing your children. It is just an opinion among others about your creation. Let’s don’t make it a drama, and maybe it can be usefull.
THANKS again


Really lovely, full sound. And relaxing of course!

I’m currently doing my homework with this music that is how relaxing it is! Congrats!

@composernc @Maqalx Thank you, Glad that you both liked it!

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