Train Journey (Beautiful Music contest)

Train Journey

So I’ve started with a concept -
Tried to find a romantic scene in a film I could score but ended up using my own life experience and imagined it as a film

So I used the first time I met my wife in person. We were pen pals for about 8 months but we eventually decided to meet in person so I traveled down from Leeds to Colchester. So I imagined this journey as a film sequence. ( we’ve now been married for 22 years) so was before mobile/e-mail etc.

Tried to capture both excitement and some trepidation with the track familiar but changing as I travel. The melody is slightly held back but overall positive but not really resolved totally until the end with the vocals. Left it positive but still feeling like there was more to come but also feel like arrived home metaphorically speaking

Mainly in Bb major/ odd bit of Lydian 105bpm 4/4. Used sus4 chords to add a bit of tension

Initially sketched on iPhone in GarageBand. Did try adding more instruments but never seemed to work till I stripped it back again. Like funk it seems like what you don’t put in is more interesting. Just kept on returning back to sketch with strings and piano and just replaced the piano melody with harp and Fugal horn. Thanks to @SoundtrackAcad for melody and romantic courses both helped a lot with this.

libraries used the following
8Do - fugal horn - main lead - would love to get the rest of this brass as its lovely.
string ensemble - Logic Pro - just seemed to fit better than others I’ve got & Albion one.
frozen strings
Choral - both spitfire labs
Piano - NI una corda
Harp/end vocals - Etherealwinds Harp II by Versilian Studios
Low strings - spitfire Albion one
Synths - arturia’s analog lab
Valhalla shimmer/room
TDR limiter/Nova
Hornet - tape
Audio assault - XCTR
Bx subsynth

Plus a few logic stock plugins.

This was so far out of my comfort zone. Big shout out to @jlx_music for the amazing mixing feedback and advice. Hope you like like. Got me writing/composing and producing if nothing else.


What a beautiful story of how you and your wife met :’)

The track sounds lovely - I think you were definitely successful in capturing that “excited trepidation” kind of sound. Well done!

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Great sound and great story. Both musically and in text. Thanks for sharing!

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Thankyou very much for your comment.
Very happy that you like this little composition.
For my part, unlike you, I did not think of music for a film, but simply of an instrumental piece for violin;
Your music reminds me in a certain way of the music of the big blue, the film of Luc Besson, on the part of the sounds. Very good.

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