Trailer Plugins

Hi guys

Thought it’d be useful as we’re doing a trailer contest for people to note down what plugins they use for trailer, ideally by section so percussion, fx, etc :slight_smile: Also which ones people like the most and are value for money etc

I recently got this plugin for sound designing epic hits, braams etc:
Punish by Heavyocity

If you mean instrument libraries & plugins here are some I use a lot:
Forzo for Heavy Brass
Rise & Hit for Transitions
Gravity for Deep Pads & Drones

For percussion I use a lot of different libraries with layering.

I was thinking about buying AVAs Instinct, anyone uses it and know if it’s worth it? :slight_smile:

I recently got ava’s instinct. Its a great plugin, some great stuff in there, will keep you going for a long while for hits, braams etc

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