Track Stacks in Logic Pro X

Hi Everyone,
This will be a on going learning process experience for me so questions will be many and I hopeful this help others that are trying to Use Track Stacks to their fullness and beyond :grinning:

Learning and Use Track Stack
I been playing around with track stacks in Logic

How Others Have or Used Them

1.I would really like to hear how others have using them in all kind of ways
Even out of the box thinking with many layers and even just Two Layers also to create new ?

1.A Useable Instruments
2.Experimental Sounds
3.Using microphone to recorded real life audio samples (like scratches or scrapes or whooshes etc…)
And combine them together with many layers of other parts of Instruments to create for useable music playing ,etc…
4.For Useable Sound Effects sfx
5.For Sound Design