Tokyo Scoring Strings, Anyone?

In the never ending lust for string libraries has anyone been interested in the new Impact Soundworks String Library, Tokyo Scoring Strings?
Any thoughts on it, pro or con?
It’s retail is $449 & if you pay early - before it’s release - it’s $100 off that price.

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After seeing a million string libraries from all the big companies out there I think it’s interesting to see what Impact Soundworks will show. As far as I know they have earlier only released Rhapsody orchestra more of a scetch library.

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Yes, quite interested as my “sound” that I want to get is essentially the Japanese studio sound. I really love that quality you hear in all the great video games and anime soundtracks and both Yuki Kajiura and Junichi Nakatsuru are among my fav cinematic music composers, so this library might get as close as it comes.