Tips on mixing an orchestral piece with a big dynamic range?

Hey everyone,

I’m mixing a piece that I wrote, which is essentially an orchestral piece, pretty calm and quiet, but with a big full orchestral climax with horns and big drums towards the end. I’m having some issues in the mix, as I want to retain that big difference in the dynamic range, but cannot find the right balance in terms of compression mostly. Either I don’t put enough and the signal is either clipping or not punchy enough, and if there is too much then the dynamic range just takes a hit. A bit stuck at this point, do you have any tips on making a clear big climax, while retaining the dynamics and expressions of an orchestra?

so many ways to tackle but not hearing the section you are talking about. sometimes removing some layers in effects or instruments will help increase the dynamic range of one sound over another. i would recommend reducing reverb in diff instruments especially the one you’re trying to make more punchy to avoid what you’re describing and instead of using compression as well, these can help avoid clipping and the loss of dynamic range. using the right gain filter and reducing compression can also help. once you break things apart and deconstruct your effects you keeping the main ones on will help create more contrast.

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Awesome thanks for the tip Carl!!