Time to crossgrade to Nuendo?

I just found out that…

  1. Nuendo and Cubase Pro are still on the same major version, and seem to have reached feature parity.
  2. There is a 40% discount on full version and crossgrades.

(And I found out by accident - not a single email or anything from Steinberg!)

Been tempted to crossgrade for some time, as I’m interested in game audio, sound design and all that, in addition to “just” music. Been curious about the Wwise integration in particular - and that is of course even more interesting now that I’m about to start working with Wwise from the “other side”, as an audio programmer.

Now, what’s been holding me back is that Nuendo has been a version or so behind Cubase all these years, and the crossgrade invalidates the Cubase license. But it appears that they’re pretty close now…

Been playing around with it a bit (demo license), and so far, I rather like the subtle UI differences, and haven’t noticed anything that’s missing or “worse” than Cubase Pro from a composer/produces POV. On the contrary, there seems to be a few extra features that are handy for “normal” music/audio work as well. I’ll try using it for a bit, and see if I run into anything…

Any reason to NOT crossgrade to Nuendo at this point, provided one is actually interested in the extra features?

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Always wondered Nuendo was. When i was looking to changes DAWs from basic Garageband when I started to get serious, I was leaning toward Cubase (all the pros use it right?) but decided to go with Studio One as it seemed Presonus took the best from Cubase and the best from Logic and combined their own bits with it.

So it looks as if Nuendo is basically an all-in-one music/video/game audio production suite plus extra film production tools? It looks on par with everything Cubase has. I’d say go for it if you’re going to do other audio/film production. Might be great for doing a pro YouTube channel.

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Well, Nuendo originally started out as a different kind of application, aimed at a different user base, but the applications have grown increasingly similar to match the increasingly blurred boundaries. As of now, the comparison chart states that Nuendo has every single feature of Cubase Pro, except for one thing: VST Transit. (Which I haven’t even looked at so far.)

Nuendo used to lack a bunch of Cubase features, and lag a year or so behind with new additions, which is why I stayed with Cubase Pro - but it seems all caught up now. At worst, Nuendo 11.5/12/whatever might come a few months after the corresponding Cubase release, but I think I can survive that. :wink:

That said, Nuendo is subtly different in some areas (selections, copy/past/repeat, Control Room etc), as if it’s Cubase from an alternate reality or something. You think you know it like the back of your hand, but occasionally, you get that surreal dream/memory/reality confusion. :smiley:

Anyway, no issues found so far, but I’ll try to do some actual work with it…

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