ThinkSpace Education - Scoring Competition August 2022

Here’s my entry for the ThinkSpace Education Scoring Competition August 2022.

Brief: Our adventurer is lost deep in the jungle searching for the Lost City of Michelmoria.


Very Expectant music! Cool rhythms! Takes the listener right into the scene.

Clinton- just finished my entry, so I could finally listen to yours. I like it! Love the nature sounds to place the listener in the jungle right from the beginning. And the various little themes and rhythms you employ- all help to create a mysterious, searching vibe. Great job!

I hope to post mine later today.


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Nice Clinton! Was that a bass clarinet doubling the piano? I think it fit the picture well and, I gotta say, it gave me some Saturday morning cartoon vibes :smile: I don’t mean that in a bad way, it just seemed like a piece that would fit to a mystery/adventure cartoon spot. Well done!


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Thank you!

Yes, it was. Thank you Matt.