Theme from "When I Met Hitler" - grave with a dash of hope

This is for a documentary feature I’m scoring. This can’t be shared publicly, but I think it’s fine for me to share on a private forum with my fellow composers. I’m just happy with it and want to share, because otherwise hardly anyone will hear it until the film comes out, in perhaps a year.

We wanted a serious vibe, with both tragedy and hope, maybe with shades of the Schindler’s List theme, particularly in the use of solo violin. The documentary is about people who met Hitler when they were children, and how that affected the entire rest of their lives, and the director has interviewed several of these fascinating people, both Jewish and German, with multiple perspectives on the Fuhrer. (Obviously most of the subjects despise what happened—but not all! This leads to some very tense moments.)

I will now go and give feedback on another posted track!